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Smart Cities are a reflection of the social evolution towards a more integrated and sustainable life model. Based on innovation, technology, e-democracy and open-government models, we seek to transforming institutions and citizens, promoting participation, collaboration and transparency.

OIGO is our intelligent and integrable multiplatform bi-directional communication tool, designed to encourage citizen participation, to deal in an integrated way with the information obtained by different systems and to improve the quality of the services provided to citizens.

We help you to face the challenge of administration 4.0 with OIGO

We optimize
Workflows - The management of resources - Incident management and communication

We increase
The quality of the information that get the user - the active listening - Government transparency and the satisfaction of the citizens.

We encourage
The institution’s programs and services - Local commerce and industry - the bidirectional and intra citizen communication and citizen participation.

We innovate
Integration with the city council systems - Semantic analysis of information - Natural processor language.

This is one of the platforms of our R&D Business Unit, which was awarded by the AEESD Program (Strategic Action Economy and Digital Society) of the Ministry of Industry, Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda (MINETAD).